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Systems Management & Engineering

  • Project management
  • Warranty coverage
  • Technical documentation
  • Interface definition/drawings
  • Installation supervision
  • Verification of special properties
  • Quality assurance
  • Measurements (noise, vibration)
  • Accessory equipment selection
  • System optimization
  • Calculation and simulation
  • Engineering activities coordination

MTU's motto is that the best of products are incomplete if they are not supported by a wide range of management and engineering services.

For us, a system is a facility for the intelligent organization and control of a variety of functions within a complex whole. Thus, it is the synthesis of hard- and software, of analysis and experience, and of engineering and management.

In order to achieve capable and cost-effective solutions, our scope of services ranges from advisory assistance in component selection up to the technical and commercial responsibility for the complete power plant. This single-source responsibility, offered by an experienced contractor, has proven to be the most effective means of handling overall system optimization. By bringing together operations from design to commissioning, the number of interfaces that a shipbuilder or vehicle manufacturer needs to be concerned with is drastically reduced.

This approach also offers considerable advantages to the operator. Economy and reliability depend to a large degree on the reliable functioning of the interfaces or the time it takes to solve problems. Here, the single source offers an advantage that can be decisive.

Systems management and engineering are nothing new to MTU. Of great importance, however, is that this path is being followed consistently