Ensuring Timely Deliveries & Customer Satisfaction

Our Logistics Division is focused on optimising MSM's supply chain network and inventory levels to ensure timely deliveries and customer satisfaction. This is vital in ensuring the seamless operation of our MRO services.

Warehouse with ASRS technology

Our brand new warehouse is equipped with automated storage and retrieval system facilities to enhance service efficiency and to enable multilevel storage and seamless integration with customer requirements. It has a total floor area of 8,309 sq ft and is managed by competent logisticians.

Advantages of ASRS technology

  • Maximises warehouse space
  • Maximises staff productivity
  • Improves order fulfilments and service efficiency
  • Improves inventory tracking and stock control
  • Reduces waiting time and shipping errors
  • Ability to handle widely differentiated product groups and their seasonality, cyclicality and demand patterns
  • Reduces damages to items as ASRS motion control mechanisms moves and handles goods delicately without colliding, tumbling or squashing
  • Enables safer and cleaner operations