More than 30 years of experience in design, manufacturing and support

The gas-powered cogeneration systems of MTU Onsite Energy benefit from more than 30 years of experience in design, manufacturing and support.

The development of systems for a wide variety of applications is made possible by the complete system expertise of MTU Onsite Energy. Whether emergency, continuous or prime power, whether for power generation alone or combined heat and power production (CHP), whether for governments, large industry or smaller private customers: MTU Onsite Energy develops economical and reliable systems solutions specifically configured for individual applications.

MTU Onsite Energy combined heat and power (CHP) advantages:

  • Efficient:

Up to 40 % reduction in primary energy usage compared to conventional power plants

  • Economical:

Low total cost over the lifetime of the system

  • Eco-friendly:

Low emissions – up to 50 % less CO2 produced than conventional power plants

  • Local energy production:

No transmission losses

  • Independent:

Supply guarantee if local grids fail or are unreliable